Sunday, 27 October 2013

These are Pictures of the Slaves Dungeons in the Cape Coast and Elimina castle in Ghana
Formerly known by the Colonial Rulers as the Gold Coast.After we gained independence
by Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the Big Six in 1957, the name was changed.Elmina,
if am not mistaken in Spanish means the mine.Ghana was named the Gold Coast because the
land was and still is blessed with Gold.The Castles were used for all sorts of things
including Sales and Purchase of Slaves.Slaves were kept there before they were shipped
to Europe, America, the carribean etc.In the pictures you see various rooms, the door
of no return is where slaves exit to be shipped, is called the door door of no return
simply because you wont be coming back, you can also find the Door of Return.
There is also an underground room where the stubborn slaves were kept, the slaves
that could not be broken, i believe.

Hope you enjoy these images and hope you visit Ghana soon to see it for yourselves among
the other tourist site in the country.Check out my second set of pictures of the Kakum
national Park in Cape Coast.I know very little of it but am sure you can find more
information if you goggle it.

The pictures where taken by my brother 6 years ago.Sorry i didnt put them here earlier
i forgot about them for a minute.Secondly i have been occupied with life and its problems
and struggles.Things that take alot out of you that you forget who you are and what you
are suppose to do.


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